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Witcher 3’s first gameplay footage



With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt coming soon, IGN has been kind and showed us a footage of a female playable character namely, Ciri.

Ciri is the appretince of Geralt and is described as a living weapon which makes her a integral part to the story. It is up to Geralt to find Ciri before the Wild Hunt and the Nilfgaard Empire finds her. The footage below shows us two minutes of how Ciri takes on a pack of wolves and uses a blink like ability which allows her to teleport between her targets.

Ciri will be only playable in certain areas of the game as confirmed by CD Projekt’s Malinowski.

“We introduce Ciri as supportive narrative tool and not because of gameplay mechanics. The Witcher was always about Geralt and that has not changed, but that handful of moments when you play as Ciri provide us with glimpses of how the story feels from the other side.”

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