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Project Cars is putting strain on PS4.

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Project cars is currently one of the most spoken of games and will probably be one of the greatest racing games in this generation. But all said, the game is still maxing out the hardware on the PS4 and performance issues on PC and Xbox One. To sum it up, the processor of the PS4 is being pushed to 99% + per core under heavy load and to make matters even more worrisome is the graphics card is running at a frightening 95%. Someone organise some nitrogen cooling on these consoles!

Do not stress, the developers at Slightly Mad Studios are working hard to fix these issues. The head if Slightly Mad Studio, Ian Bell, has said that there will be a number of updates coming soon, which we hope will improve the current issues. He stated that the, ‘track cutting should be much improved’. Trying to achieve just a increase of around 25% in frame time is seemingly close to impossible to achieve as it has been revealed by Ian Bell.

Just the new tyre model for the game is maxing two cores of box the Xbox one and the PS4 alone! Making matters worse is that the Wii U has only two cores to start with. Nevertheless, Ian Bell said that they will keep trying to improve and optimise the game for PS4 consoles.

Hopefully your console won’t burn out by then.

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-Source: Gaming Bolt

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