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Project Cars is putting strain on PS4.

Project Cars Gameplay banner image

Project cars is currently one of the most spoken of games and will probably be one of the greatest racing games in this generation. But all said, the game is still maxing out the hardware on the PS4 and performance issues on PC and Xbox One. To sum it up, …

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Own a GTX Titan X? Get The Witcher 3 now!


The Witcher 3 is properly the most spoken of game right now. So you wonder how this works? Well, as we know, Nvidia’s Gefore Experience is growing and becoming the most common way for the owners of Geforce graphics cards use to get the best settings for their games. Now …

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The Witcher 3 new trailer is a must see!


You haven’t seen a launch trailer like this before! One of the greatest CGI trailers has just been released for the upcoming game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. In a few days, all you enthusiast will be buried so deep into this game, you might want to call in sick …

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate set in Victorian Age


  The lead developer, Ubisoft Quebec have been handed the task of creating a game which will bring this games series to the industrial age. It has been confirmed that Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is going to be set in the Victorian London age. The game will be launched this October …

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Star Wars Battlefront won’t be like Battlefield!


The all new Star Wars game from the developers of DICE have just confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront will not follow the same footsteps of Battlefield, to achieve this. DICE have removed classes and squads either. Although this is unexpected and pretty exciting, DICE have given the players the opportunity …

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Project Cars


One of the most anticipated racing games of the year. Want to play one of the most beautiful, intense and authentic racing game of all time? Then Project Cars is definitely the game for you. “The ultimate racing game.” – RedBull.com Racing. If that doesn’t tell you something then I …

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Oculus Rift Release in first quarter of 2016


Good news! Oculus has just a matter of fact announced that the new Oculus Eyes (Oculus Rift) will be launched in the first quarter of 2016 and to draw further attention and build more hype about their release is that the Rift will be available for pre-orders later this year. …

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Witcher 3’s first gameplay footage


  With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt coming soon, IGN has been kind and showed us a footage of a female playable character namely, Ciri. Ciri is the appretince of Geralt and is described as a living weapon which makes her a integral part to the story. It is up …

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Desktop Machines just for Virtual Gaming


AVADirect, a Ohio-based company, have just recently announced their collaberation with Sixense, that they have designed desktops for their latter Stem System, which is perfect for Virtual Reality Gaming. These systems will come with decent hardware which is set to promise the user 1080p(Full HD) gaming with a minimum of …

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Windows 10 Release date


Well, AMD seems to have let some things slip. They have let slip that the release date of Windows 10 will be arriving for PC’s at the end of July! Yes it is near! How will you get the new Windows? Well Microsoft will manage the rollout by giving the …

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