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Hatred – New trailer causes a stir


Destructive Creations, a Polish developer has just published there debut trailer for their new game, Hatred. This shooter puts the gamer into the shoes of a sociopath goes a killing spree because of his “reasons”, also because of his “whole life is just cold, bitter hatred”. The players will be controlling a scary, 90’s goth looking man who guns down innocent civilians and police officers.

This game hasn’t even existed for more than 24 hours and is already getting a bit of criticism. Example, Hatred was built using the Unreal Engine 4, and Epic Games have since distanced itself from the Polish developers on purpose.

To remain diplomatic, Epic Games said that they have requested the removal of the Unreal Engine 4 logo due to the fact that Destructive Creations did not get permission to use it in their marketing of the game. What gives away that Epic Games wanted no part in the creation of the game is shown by saying, “explicitly don’t exert any sort of creative control or censorship over projects”.

The main issue that everyone is having with the game and is pointing to the face that the player is tasked to kill innocent bystanders and the trailer makes this one-sided violence very clear.

Not to mention, Destructive Creations have chosen the worst of times taking into consideration with the massive amount of self-regulation and introspection currently displayed in the gaming industry. There is not much more know about the game other than from the trailer, but this does make one frown a bit upon it.

-Source: NAG

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