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3D Realms – Offers awesome deal

3D Realms are now offering some of there most acclaimed titles with no less than 32 classic games in one massive package on a super sale! The list contains titles like, Duke Nukem Forever, Commander Keen, Wacky Wheels and many more. What makes the bundle even more sweet, it comes bundles …

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GamersGate – Press Release

The online game store, GamersGate has been caught in the crossfire while the fiasco with GamerGate continues, just because of the ‘s’ that differs the two companies. According to the CEO Theodore Bergqvist that ever since the movement of GamerGate, GamersGate.com who is not the same company, has received a …

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Valve – Pulls plug on game

As we all know, twitter has been the go-to place for irrational outbursts, this has resulted that a game has been removed from the Steam store after the developer had a meltdown concerning Steam, Valve and Gabe Newell. The game, Paranautical Activity, a voxel-based FPS that made its way onto …

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COD – Avanced Warfare PC Requirements

So, you’re looking to get some high-definition Kevin Spacey on to your monitor and by that I mean buying and playing Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, not buying the first two seasons of House of Cards on Blu-Ray (though that’s an equally fulfilling purchase). COD: AW is going to go …

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Star Wars – Battlefront Footage

The old sordid tale of Star Wars Battlefront 3 goes on, since back when it started in 2006 when the development for the game actually kicked off, now fast forward eight years and the Internet still fawnes over the long-lost title, and trying to image what it might have been …

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Saints Row – Gat out of Hell

The new saints row game: Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, will be no doubtally as bonkers as you hope it will be, but it might even be more, see the trailer below and decide for youself. The new trailer focuses on Johnny’s Seven Deadly sins. -Source: SA Gamer

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Tom Clancy – The Division

Although Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ will be released sometime in 2015, there is a lot of speculation and rumors floating around already. This particular online multiplayer only third-person shooter video game developed by three studios – Ubisoft Massive, Ubisoft Reflections and Ubisoft Red Storm will be launched on Microsoft Windows …

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Hatred – New trailer causes a stir

Destructive Creations, a Polish developer has just published there debut trailer for their new game, Hatred. This shooter puts the gamer into the shoes of a sociopath goes a killing spree because of his “reasons”, also because of his “whole life is just cold, bitter hatred”. The players will be …

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Ubisoft – The Crew plot

The examiner: “Racing games are notorious for having hilariously bad story arcs. Part of this is due to their nature, there’s no central character to grow attached to, only a vehicle. Need for Speed has attempted to drive story for decades now with The Run perhaps being the pinnacle of …

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Star Citizen – 10 Minute Gameplay

Last week Friday, the developers Cloud Imperium hosted a Star Citizen convention in Los Angeles, where they held a presentation of the latest version of the game by the company founder Chris Roberts, which was presented via a live stream on Twitch. Although the convention is now over, some of …

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