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Windows 10 upgrade free to all and pirates


In a very interesting move Microsoft is reportedly offering everyone free copies of Windows 10, even for those who are owners if illegitimate copies of Windows 7, 8 or even 8.1. Microsoft is looking to get all those with pirated copies onto their bandwagon from the get-go. As it currently …

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Bloodborne – First Try!


[yp_single_image img_src=”79″ img_size=”500×375″ link_to_full_image=”true” icon=”fa fa-search-plus” class=”pull-left”] Jackson Isai? Tu quoque … A te quidem a ante. Vos scitis quod blinking res Ive ‘been vocans super vos? Et conteram illud, et conteram hoc. Maledicant druggie excors. Iam hoc tu facere conatus sum ad te in omni tempore? Ludum mutavit. Verbum …

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Coming to Youplay – Dark Souls II


[vc_row][vc_column][yp_carousel style=”4″ width=”350px” badges_always_show=”” class=”pull-right”][yp_carousel_img img_src=”80″ title=”Dark Souls II” badge_color=”default”][yp_carousel_img img_src=”133″ title=”Dark Souls II” badge_color=”default” href=”http://nkdev.info”][yp_carousel_img img_src=”85″ title=”Dark Souls II” badge_color=”default”][yp_carousel_img img_src=”120″ title=”Dark Souls II” badge_color=”default”][/yp_carousel][vc_column_text]Locutus est tibi? Respondeo dicendum esset iustus? Quæ? Quem populum? Mensis abhinc Gus occidere vellet uterque. Et nunc, utatur LAB et trahit vos de … …

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Review Kingdoms of Amalur


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Prohibere Striga! Ut custodiant te sermonem dicens – periculi … periculo! Non ego illud numquam. Dixi sunt implicatae. Elatus deinde manubrio! Gus sit amet suum motum. Nescio quando, aut quomodo, nescio quo. Illud scio, amet tortor. Suarum impotens prohibere eum.[/vc_column_text][yp_single_image img_src=”81″ img_size=”500×375″ icon=”fa fa-search-plus” link_to_full_image=”1″ center=”1″][vc_column_text] Ego hodie Sum …

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COD: Avanded Warfare Havoc DLC


Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Havoc DLC has been is available on the 27th January on PS3 and PS4. The new DLC can be downloaded directly from the Playstation store with a whopping size of 18GB download! There has been some trouble experienced for the Xbox One and 360 players, …

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GTX970 Controversy wont happen again


Nvidia’s GTX970 was undoubtedly was thee tech news of January 2015, being the best selling mid-ranged GPU is now having issues with its on-board GDDR5 memory. People all around the globe that bought this beauty soon discovered that the last 512MB of VRAM was suffering badly from extreamly low throughput. …

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The Witcher, 60% Off


At nolo de me ipso turpis. Ut nullam curae. Scis quid mihi quod infernum sit amet nunc magis animum, nunc eros eget quam cogitatione emptio damnat. Purus? Sic, si fieri justi … amabo. Prohibere. Striga! Ut custodiant te sermonem dicens – periculi … periculo! Non ego illud numquam. Dixi sunt …

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Swatch Smartwatch Coming Soon


Well it seems that even with the Apple Watch which is going to be launched April this year, will not even stop Swatch in taking on Apple’s smartwatch with one of their very own. It has been revealed on The Next Web that they are going to be launching their …

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Battlefield Hardline PC System Requirement


So here we go guys. The official Battlefield Hardline PC requirements. These set requirements are the same for the beta and the final release of the game. [su_table] Recommended OS CPU MEMORY GRAPHICS CARD GRAPHICS MEMORY HARD DRIVE DIRECTX WINDOWS 8 64-BIT (with KB971512 Update) INTEL QUAD-CORE CPU, AMD SIX-CORE …

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Windows 10 Tech Preview now available


Windows 10 technical preview is now available for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows 8/8.1 with all the latest updates installed. All you have to do to get this preview is just go to your built-in Windows updater. There has been a recently added option feature built into the Windows 10 …

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