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Assassin’s Creed – New Game Early 2015


If you thought that two Assassin’s Creed titles in one year was a little too much, know that Ubisoft has a third one in the works as well. This one will only be out in “early 2015”, and it’ll be quite a bit different to Unity and Rogue. It’s called …

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Portable Charger that’s really cute


  More often than not, we have heard of the phrase that our particular smartphone or tablet is “out of juice” – which is a situation that any gadget lover would hate to be in. After all, what is the whole point of carrying a high end device around when …

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“Infinite Graphics” – They are back!


  Back in August 2011, an Australian software and technology company called Euclideon caused waves in the graphics industry with their claim that they had developed a product that would allow “infinite graphics”. They boasted that graphics were about to leap forward in detail by about 100, 000 times. They …

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Blizzard – Cancels Project Titan


Blizzard has cancelled its long-in-development next MMO title, “Project Titan”. Development began back in 2007, and even after a drastic change of direction in 2013, Blizzard has decided to pull the plug. In an interview with website Polygon, Blizzard co-founder and CEO Mike Morhaime said that the decision to cancel …

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Desync – To Judge your FPS power


Being great at a first-person shooter encompasses a number of skills – movement trajectory, situational awareness, accuracy, weapon suitability, enemy assessment. And while there are a few titles that score you appropriate in terms of speed, accuracy and style — Bulletstorm comes to mind — there’s few that focus on …

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NAG: Destiny review

Reviewed in a vacuum, Destiny would be the most competent of shooter experiences. If the merit of a game was based solely on its fundamental mechanics and whether or not one has fun engaging with those mechanics, then this would be the shortest review you’d read this year; Destiny would …

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Evetech wants you at their stand! RAGE 2014


  As we all know. RAGE 2014 is just around the corner! We have just been informed that Evetech will be showcasing some of the latest and greatest hardware for your ultimate gaming rig. Evetech is no nooby when it comes to their hardware! Top quality with excellent services! Evetech …

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